Remembering our greatest achievements

Tomorrow the World Professional 10 dance championship will be held in Böblingen, Germany. So how does it feel to win a world title? And how does it feel to win it the second time around?


When we danced our first professional 10 worlds we knew we had a chance to win it. We did the physical, technical, strategic preparation months in advance, chosen the outfits carefully and arrived to Spain sure that we’ve done everything we could to be as ready as possible. As it was our first world championship in a new category we knew we had a chance, but we had nothing to lose, no previous results to confirm, no title to hold on to. So it was a fun day of dancing, crowned with the perfect ending − the gold medal.

The second time around? A completely different story. This time we were the world champions, we were the couple everyone had their eyes on, we had to confirm our status and win the title again. We can honestly say that the month before the world championship in Milan was the worst in our career. The pressure was ridiculous. We practiced, did all the necessary steps to prepare but even on the day of the competition there was a sensation that we weren’t ready, that we haven’t done enough.

We were lucky that day. Lucky that our coach had trained us also mentally as well as he did train us technically. Nobody noticed how nervous we were, no one noticed the fear and uncertainty we felt inside. Many said it was one of the best performances of our career.

How did it feel to win the second title? WONDERFUL. There were tears, hugs, and a lot of laughing. And all the tensions disappeared. This second world title is the most cherished achievement in our career. It is difficult to win the world championship. But to win it again, that’s a hundred times more difficult. And that’s exactly why it is special to us.



Until next time 🙂

Dance, Smile, Live!