Nostalgia Veneziana, a charity gala

How do you present the history, charm and the unbelievable cultural heritage of one of the most beautiful cities in the world? How do you bring the joyfulness of a Gondolier’s song or the horror of the Black Death to the audience? How do you make them see it, feel it, live it? How do you give back a little something to those in need?

Commedia d'arte

Commedia dell’arte

Nostalgia Veneziana is taking spectators on a theatrical, musical and dancing journey through the smallest alleys, richest households and busiest squares of Venice, meeting its most famous citizens along the way. Sing with the gondoliers, plot a mischief with the Harlequin and rejoice in the splendour of the Carnival. Become immersed for one evening only in the magic of this floating wonder of the world. Welcome to Venice!

Palazzo Ducale

Doge’s Palace

The charity gala Nostalgia Veneziana will be held for the last time in Slovenia on 28 November in Ljubljana’s Union Hall before moving to London.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to join us in helping others while spending a glamorous evening in the company of the finest dancers, musicians and actors and being spoiled by the talents of a renowned chef.

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Viva Venezia!