Luca Bussoletti & Tjaša Vulič

During our competitive career we were lucky enough to have travelled all over the world, taking part in all the biggest dancesport events and worked with the best teachers out there. The long years of constant practice and competitions gave us the skill and experience which helped us reach the ultimate goal – the title of World Professional champions not once, but twice.

Having reached the top we decided to retire from competitive dancing and dedicate our time to other projects. Our passion to study dance and everything related to it lead to our work on the development of the competitive Viennese Waltz and its choreography, and the revision and development of Paso Doble technique documented in the official texts of the World Dancesport Federation.


Having passed our trainer’s exams with the Italian dancesport federation  (FIDS) we have been teaching and coaching a large number of couples from all over the world and are proud to say that we have several world championship winners and finalists amongst our students. Working closely with our “home”, the Team Diablo dancesport academy from Italy, gives us a unique chance to continue our dance education and constantly improve our skills in order to offer our dancers the best information and guidance possible.

Participation in the FIDS and WDSF education programmes for adjudicators and passing of all the required exams enabled us to obtain the highest qualifications and the honour of judging in some of the most prestigious dancesport events like World & European championships.

 Still actively performing in dance shows all over the world and choreographing captivating performances for other dancers, we can’t see our love for dance dying out any time soon. We hope you will decide to take a step into our wonderful world and choose to let dance colour your life!