Beauty editorial: Stage makeup

Hello all you lovelies and welcome to another post from our Beauty series.

Today’s topic is a bit more specific for those of you who are not only dance sport athletes but perform in shows frequently, be it show dance competitions or theatre.

The job of a dancer when we dance in shows and take on specific roles is to really transform ourselves into whoever we are supposed to be during that performance. The attitude, the way we move, the thoughts we think should not be our own. They belong to the character.

Make up can be used to help us achieve that. It can completely transform our appearance, hiding or accentuating our features to the point of being unrecognisable.

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Me impersonating the Plague

The right tools are super important when trying to achieve a perfect stage face. In bigger productions there are of course professional makeup artists available, but for those of you who don’t have such opportunity there are a few tips which could help you.

  1. BASE

Just like before any other makeup application you should start with a cleansed and moisturised face. Apply a primer all over your skin as this makes all types of makeup last longer, plus it creates a barrier between your skin and the actual product, which prevents brake outs and skin tenderness. Here are some of my favourite primers:

CLINIQUE SUPERPRIMER FACE PRIMERS, these come in several different formulas so it’s easy to find and ideal product for what you’re looking for. A primer to conceal redness, anti-dullness or an universal primer that will do its job of keeping the makeup on your face throughout the performance.

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MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER a bargain but super effective. Apart from helping your makeup last, it will create an even surface for application of the base.


SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER extra points for containing vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. It makes the fine lines and pores disappear and the makeup lasts forever.

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The one product I swear by when creating a tan base in KRYOLAN TV PAINT STICK FOUNDATION. It comes in a variety of shades, do keep in mind the stage foundation should be two shades darker than your normal base as bright lights make you appear paler. Also do not make the mistake of using this product in your everyday makeup routine, as it is very heavy and will play havoc on your skin.


If your role requires a different base colour, say white or gold or green, I would turn to face paint. Personally I prefer cream or powder based paint to wax or glycerine ones. They are better for base colour and can be set with translucent powders to increase their durability. I frequently turn to KRYOLAN VIVA (can be used wet or dry) and MEHRON’S STARBLENDS (used wet or dry). Apply it using a damp sponge and set with powder.


Face paint is best when creating the actual makeup look. Here the choice is really endless as so many brands carry a variety of different shades and textures. To mention a few check out the green and pink from DIAMOND FX METALLICS, and PARADISE NEW BRILLIANT COLOURS have a great fuchsia.


What I do when my stage makeup is finished is I use the finishing spray to make sure it stays where it’s supposed to be. Favourites are KIKO FACE MAKE UP FIXER and URBAN DECAY ALL-NIGHTER LONG LASTING MAKEUP SPRAY.

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The last tip? Do practice before the actual performance. Stage makeup is quite difficult sometimes, especially if it is quite complex.

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Me & Luca in our Asian-themed show

If you would like me to recreate a picture step by step tutorial on how to achieve this or some other look let me know!

Until next time, happy dancing!