Beauty Editorial: Perfect Face Every Day Part 3

Overdrawing. Ombre effect. Lipliners. Liquid lipsticks. Glosses. Lip stains. Anyone feeling overwhelmed? Me too. That’s why I will make a tutorial on what all those things are and how to achieve perfect looks for your lips in the future. But for this last instalment of my Perfect Face Everyday blog I will concentrate on the most simple and natural looking lip looks to complement the rest of our face makeup. A video tutorial on the whole Perfect Face Everyday look will follow shortly.

I will do two different shades of nude lips and a pink one for a more dramatic look.




Before we get started with any lip colour our lips should be hydrated. Before applying your base and eyeshadow rub some hydrating balm onto your lips so while you are working on the rest of your face your lips can soak up the balm and look plumper before lipstick application.

My favourite lip treatments to apply before makeup at the moment are:

  • ORIFLAME Tender Care in Caramel and DIOR Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ.


Leave them on during face/eye phase and dab off any exes before applying your liner and lipstick. Use some concealer on your lips before applying any other products to neutralise the colour of your lips and make the lipstick last longer.

First apply a lip liner. Aim for a shade darker than the lipstick or gloss you want to wear with it. I personally prefer to overdraw my upper lip slightly on the sides and connect it back to my natural lip line at the corner.

I love MAC lip liners for their long lasting colour and easy application. But to keep this post budget-friendly I will use my go-to drugstore lip liners KIKO Automatic Precision Liners in shades 501 and 514 and L’OREAL Infallible Lipliner in shade 702 Always Plum.


After the lip liner it is time for lipstick. I like these combinations:

  • KIKO liner in 503 and BOBBI BROWN lipstick in 73 Pale Mauve.


  • KIKO liner in 514 and ARTDECO lipstick in 21.


  • L’OREAL liner in 702 Always Plum and MAC lipstick in All Fired Up.


There! Now our perfect face is ready for the day.

aAr1vogfrYPhW5Vi88-7jNCKW6qL2RvjeTHmkmgvPEQHere you can see again the above combinations on my lips, from the third (upper pic), second (middle pic) to the first combination (lower pic). Enjoy your makeup and let me know what you think!