Beauty Editorial: Perfect Face Every Day Part 2

Hello lovelies, hope you’ve had a great week and gained lots of compliments for your flawless complexion since you tried the tips from Part 1. Haven’t tried it yet? You can read a tutorial on how to achieve a perfect face here and also a video tutorial will follow shortly.

Today we’re moving on to Part 2. We all know that false lashes, lots of eyeshadow and liner can completely transform our eyes but most of us save that kind of makeup for special occasions or evenings. So here’s how to create a natural looking makeup look which opens up the eyes and makes them appear larger.




The first thing to do is erase any shade on and around our eyelids in order to “draw” the shape of our eyes later. Apply a mat white or light beige eyeshadow with a larger brush all over your eyelids and under the eyes as well.

  • KIKO Infinity eyeshadow in 200 pure white is a nice product as it lasts and doesn’t crease.

Next it’s time to start creating shadows which will give definition to the eyes. Use a mat bronzer if you prefer warmer tones or a cooler light brown shadow (a light brow powder is usually just the right shade) and apply it with a large blending brush into your crease. Make sure you blend it well. Apply it in small quantities as it is difficult to correct it if you apply too much.

  • My go to product is the same bronzer I’ve used for Part 1 (L’OREAL Glam Bronze in 04 Taormina). Why not make your products multitask? 🙂 It looks very natural on my face and warms up my eyes a bit.20150914050428
  • Another multitasking product is this TERRA NATURI eyebrow pallet. Use the lighter shade for your crease shadow for a cooler tone.20150914050433

Next take a purple or dusty pink eyeshadow. We often think that the most obvious choice for shadows on our eyes are greyish tones. In actual fact eyeshadows which contain purple or pink tones create a much softer and natural look. Just don’t go for really wild shades!

The best choices for me are:

  • KIKO Metallic Shine eyeshadow in 02.
  • ARTDECO Blusher in 33 is another great colour especially for lighter skin tones.20150914050439

Apply with a medium eyeshadow brush into the crease and blend with a blending brush. Extend it slightly towards the outer edge of your eyes to make them appear longer. Apply under your eyes as well, making sure you don’t apply right next to the eyelashes. This will give an illusion of larger eyes.


Draw a thin line with a dark grey or black eyeshadow right next to your upper lashes. For now make it stop right at the outer edge of your eyes as it will be easier to finish it once you’ve applied mascara. Draw the line using a wet, thin eyeliner brush. The eyeshadow will stick to it just fine and the line will look more natural than an actual eyeliner.

  • You can use the darker shade in the TERRA NATURI eyebrow pallet.
  • If you prefer a true black line PUPA Vamp! Eyeshadow in black is a good choice as it is extremely long lasting.20150914050436

Fill in your eyebrows to frame your eyes. Just follow your eyebrow shape for a natural finish.

Finally, time for lashes! You can read a post I wrote on eyelashes and mascaras here.

I recommend:

  • LANCOME HYPNOSE Precious Cells Mascara
  • KIKO Unforgettable Mascara.20150914050440

Apply two layers of mascara for natural looking but well defined lashes. On bottom lashes stick to one coat.

For a wider gaze line your lower waterline with a white or ivory pencil.

Finally, draw a thin line using the same dark shadow you lined your upper lash line with. Open your eyes and follow the line of your outermost lash to achieve correct position of the line.

At Voilà! Huge eyes that still look natural enough for an everyday look. 🙂

I am preparing also a video tutorial on this look that will be available soon.

Till next time!