Beauty Editorial: Lashes

Welcome to the first entry to the Beauty section of our Blog! Here we will discuss all the things connected to stage/dancefloor makeup, best hairstyles and products to use, beauty looks for special occasions, reviews of hair and makeup products and more… First stop: LASHES!


As every woman knows, eyelashes define how our eyes will look. Long, luscious lashes have long been the symbol of good looks, sensuality and beauty. Short, colourless eyelashes? No thank you! How to create the perfect eyelash look, be it for a competition or stage performance? How to make your eyes stand out when attending a special event where you want to shine?

I found that there are several tricks for achieving voluminous, well-defined eyelashes, which have worked for me every time. There is always an option of using falsies and we will come back to that in another post, but if false lashes are not your thing, here is how to achieve a well-defined, voluminous look without them:

1. Use two different mascaras. I find that the combination of two slightly different wand shapes and formulas gives you the best effect possible. Start by coating your lashes with a voluminous mascara, wait 20 seconds and then proceed with a coat of mascara that promises to separate and define. Repeat the process two or three times, always making sure you let the 20 seconds pass before applying a new coat.

2. When applying mascara to the upper lashes, place your mirror lower than your chin. Tilt your head upwards and look down into the mirror to prevent stains on your eyelid. Always apply mascara in a zigzag motion to coat even the smallest lashes.

3. Use an eyelash serum during the night. Just like your hair eyelashes need some TLC to keep them strong and beautiful.


My current favourite

When buying mascaras remember that the best products aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones. Frequently drugstore mascaras work just as well as their more exclusive counterparts. Here are some of my favourites from different price ranges.

1. MAX FACTOR 2000 CALORIE MASCARA. Has been on the market forever but rarely did I find a product which beats it’s volumising effect for a dramatic look


2. LANCOME HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS. Good volume and definition. It is a bit pricier but extra points for included conditioning treatment, so you get a 2 in 1 result: great looking lashes and a healthy conditioner all in one product. My absolute winner at the moment 🙂


3. MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUM’ EXPRESS MASCARA. Very substantial and clump free. The wand takes a bit of getting used to as it is quite big, but the overall effect is satisfying.


4. DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL MASCARA. Makes even the sparsest lashes look full, adding a look and curl, which opens up your eyes.


I hope these tips were helpful … Enjoy experimenting with your makeup. And as always: Dance. Smile. Live.



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  1. Smudge brown pencil or gel or cream eyineler right next to your lashline, curl your eyelashes, and use a dark brown mascara. You can change brown to a soft black. I personally think natural makeup means your skin needs to look great, so take care of it. Use a brightening concealer under your eyes and down your nose. Blend that in. You can conceal any blemishes with your regular concealer. Dab a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you want, use a little cream or liquid highlight on your cupids bow, cheek bones, inner corners of your eyes, and brow bone. Set your whole face with a translucent powder. Use a little brown eyeshadow a couple shades darker than your natural tone to define your crease. Just blend it in with a fluffy blending brush. Use a tinted lip balm like Maybelline Baby Lips to moisturize and tint your lips. If you still find you are looking a little young, use a matte bronzer to contour your face and give you a more womanly defined look rather than a childs baby face look. Good luck! (: