7 interesting facts from a dancer’s life


Were we superstitious when it came to competitions? I was. The wrong hairspray meant a bad day. So we had to have Taft at the ready at all times.


In July 2013 we said goodbye to our competitive career with a show in Caorle, Italy. During our last number we danced roughly 200 figures, which means more than 1600 steps. No wonder us dancers always complain about our feet hurting.


The year we danced a competition in Cebu, Philippines, we gave a part of our prize money to a local charity which educated children from surrounding villages through dancing. That event also represents the beginning of our plan to start a foundation that would allow less privileged children to dance. And finally, here it is. Our Follow My Step foundation has just opened its doors.

IMG_0007 (2)


One time, we flew Italy – Taiwan – Italy – Taiwan – Italy in the timespan of a week. Why did we do that? We had two competitions in Taiwan to attend on two consecutive weekends. So we could’ve just stayed there, right? Wrong. We had to come back to Italy for lessons with Peter Maxwell. Who is he? I will tell you another time, for now let me just say he is the biggest authority in our dancing world.


Hong Kong, Queen Elisabeth Stadium. Great atmosphere, packed stadium, but honestly? Couldn’t wait for it to finish. 24 rounds in one day is a bit too much for anyone. That means 120 dances. Help!


There were a few. But the scariest moment happened during a flight Frankfurt – Shanghai when the plane turned around just before landing in Shanghai and flew back towards Beijing. No explanation was given for more than an hour. In the end we found out that the Shanghai airport was closed so we had to make a stop in Beijing and wait there until it reopened. Why was the airport closed? Still don’t know.


When we travel there is a must; to see local attractions whenever we can. A ZOO! And the best one we saw so far? The Singapore Zoo. If you can go and see it, you will not be disappointed.

(by Luca)